20 Best Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile 2021


Looking for the best free movie download sites for mobile and PC in 2021? Look no further because you’re on the right page.

Downloading movies for free on the internet is the reality of several people among us today. This is because using data to stream movies you can’t rewatch or send to friends is a luxury most people cannot afford.

Downloading HD movies for free on mobile phones has several benefits. You can watch those movies repeatedly. You can swap those movies for other movies with friends. It can even help save your mobile data since streaming movies often takes more data.

So today, I’ll give you a list of 20 best free movie download sites for mobile and PC in 2021. On each of these websites, you can download any Hollywood and other movies in HD quality. Let’s go.

20 Best Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile 2021

20 Best Free Movie Download Sites for Mobile 2021

Below is the list of websites to download movies for free in no particular order.

1. Youtube

Youtube is one of the best free movie download sites for mobile out there
Youtube is one of the best free movie download sites for mobile out there

The first website I’ll like to mention on our list of the best websites to download free movies for mobile is YouTube. YouTube is owned by Google, and it is probably the most popular streaming website/app today.

YouTube is the website that hosts the largest amount of videos on the internet. Although among these videos on YouTube are comedy skits, music videos, tutorial videos, and others, YouTube is still your best chance of finding a movie online for free in 2021.

By default, downloading a movie to your mobile device on YouTube is not possible due to copyright restrictions. However, the app allows you to download a movie and then play it later within the app.

You can also download YouTube videos to your mobile device through various means. But we won’t be getting into that today. Visit YouTube to download free HD movies to your mobile phone.

2. 02tvseries

02tvseries best free movie download sites for mobile
02tvseries is also one of the best free movie download sites for mobile

As the name implies, you’ll only find movie series and tv shows on 02tvseries. On this website, they arrange movies and TV shows from latest to oldest on the homepage but in alphabetical order when you click on “List All TV Series”, hence making navigation easy.

To download movies on 02tvseries, you can browse through categories, use the search bar, or use the alphabet navigation provided on the homepage.

02tvseries is top of my list whenever I need to download movies for free online, and that’s why it’s one of the websites that quickly came to my mind when researching for this list.

3. Archive Org

You can also download movies for free on archive org
You can also download movies for free on archive org

The Archive Org website ranks high on our list of the best free movie download sites for mobile in 2021 because they have an enormous collection of movies of high quality.

This should not come as a surprise because as you can see from their name, the website is basically an archive. And they save anything they can their hands on, as long as it can be saved on the internet.

Downloading movies from this website for free is very easy. All you have to do is search for that movie, then scroll through the result to find the movie and download it.

4. Fz Movies

FZMovies - website to download hd movies for free
FZMovies – website to download hd movies for free 2021

If we’re talking about the best free movie download sites for mobile in 2021 and we haven’t mentioned Fz Movies, that list is definitely not complete.

Fz Movies is like the twin website of 02tvseries. Even their designs are identical in some ways. The difference between them is just that Fz Movies only hosts single-production movies while 02tvseries only hosts tv-series and family shows.

The only problem with this website is the extremely obtrusive ads that pop up on your screen or hide under links. However, I’ve had success downloading movies from there easily using Opera on Android. Opera opens the advert pages in another tab while your task continues in the original tab.

5. Toxicwap

Toxicwap free movie download site
Toxicwap is another free movie download site

Have you heard of Toxicwap? If not, you’ve heard of it today. You can trust them to have movies in HD quality. If not, they wouldn’t make this list in the first place.

Toxicwap hosts several movies, including single-production movies and tv series. One of the things I love about them is that I’ve been able to download dome of the old tv series like Heroes and Supernatural from there.

They don’t have as many ads as Fz Movies, but they have some. Also, they might require you to complete a captcha verification before your movie can be downloaded.

6. Netnaija

Netnaija - hub of free hd movies for download
Netnaija – hub of free hd movies for download

If you’re a Nigerian that lives in Nigeria and you watch foreign movies, you can’t deny ever watching movies with the Netnaija watermark at the bottom-right corner before.

Over the past couple of years, Netnaija has become one of the most prominent free movie download sites in Nigeria. and it keeps growing stronger.

There are several movies from different woods on Netnaija, including Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, Ghallywood, and many others. You might also need to deal with ads on Netnaija.

7. Flixster

download HD movies for free on Flixster
download HD movies for free on Flixster

Flixster is truly one of the all-time best free movie download sites for mobile and PC. This is because they host an enormous amount of high-definition movies, and they make them available for free download.

Flixster also has a couple of features many other websites on this list don’t have. They review upcoming movies and they also list out the best-rated movies of all time to help your download decision.

You can also browse through their categories or search for movies on the website. Visit Flixster for free HD movies download.

8. Pahe.in

Pahein free HD movies download site
Pahe.in free HD movies download site

Ever heard of Pahe.in? I won’t be surprised if your answer is “no”. I just got to know about the website last year myself. And I’ve been so satisfied with it that I can’t help putting it on this list.

If you’re looking for any of your favourite series from back in the days, then your search should not be over if you haven’t been to Pahe.

From Pahe, I’ve been able to download Smallville S1-10, Merlin S1-5, Legend of the Seeker S1-2, Sanctuary S1-4, Heroes, etc.

They have not only old movies, they also update their website with the latest movies everyday. Truly, this website deserves a spot with the best free movie download websites for mobile and PC in 2021.

9. Yify Movies

YIFY Movies - free movie torrent website
YIFY Movies – free movie torrent website

If you’ve ever tried searching for subtitles on Google. then you’re probably familiar with Yifysubttles. Well, here comes their movie website.

The Yify movie website is actually not a new website, it’s existed a long time and their tagline is: “HD smallest size”.

Whoever is behind the Yify movie website knows how to compressed video files such that they’re small in size but the quality remains the same. This feature alone has attracted millions of web surfers to this website.

10. AZ Movies

download free hd movies from az movies
download free hd movies from AZ movies

We’re guessing the Az Movies name is just a spin-off of FZ Movies (or the other way round), but that doesn’t even matter. What matters is that this website hosts a shitload of dope movies of high quality.

To download movies from Az Movies, you can navigate through their categories or search in the search bar. Of course, this website is one of the best fress movie download sites you can find for mobile and PC.

11. 1337X Movies

1337X torrent website

What puts me off about this website is merely the fact that I can’t pronounce its name as a single word. It’s very annoying. But it’s a good thing that I don’t need to pronounce this to you.

Like Pahe.in, 1337X also hosts some old movies and they keep new ones too.

I don’t know why, but this website is sometimes available. I’m guessing they receive too many movie-downloaders on their servers. Whenever they’re available though, you’ll certainly get some good movies from there.

12. Vimeo


You’ve heard of Vimeo, right?

That little video streaming website that was launched back in 2004. Well, that little website is now a mighty database of crystal clear movies and there’s barely any movie you can’t get from here.

Like YouTube, it can’t only let you stream or save videos for offline view. But you can download movies from Vimeo by using apps such as EaseUS Mobimover.

13. Bootlegga

Bootlegga is a search engine for movies. It’s just that Bootlegga can only search for movies and videos.

There are no videos on Bootlegga’s servers. Instead, they can help you access other people’s servers and check for videos and movies.

So if you have a movie you’re looking for but can’t seem to find it anywhere, try Bootlegga.

14. Ant Movies

Never heard of Ant Movies before?? Yeah, I’m not surprised.

Antmovies is just another new free movie download website where you can either stream or download movies. It may be because they’re still new, but you won’t have ads problems compared to many other sites like them.

15. Putlocker


Putlocker is another website we consider to be among the best free movie download sites for mobile in 2021. This website features several movies (mostly Hollywood) across several genres.

They organise their videos into categories but you can search for movies using the search bar as well. As per your preference, you can either download movies from Putlocker or stream them.

16. Yidio


Are you interested in watching paid content for free?? Then you should try Yidio.

Yidio gathers content from various subscription-based video streaming platforms and enables its users to download the content for free.

You should note, however, that you may not be allowed to watch videos on Yidio unless you watch on the actual streaming platform.

Also, you’ll be bombarded with ads while using yidio and you’ll then be asked to upgrade to premium. If you can manage those, then you’re good to go.

17. Hotstar

Hotstar is another of the websites that made our list of the best free movie download sites for mobile in 2021.

Hotstar was created by Star India to allow people watch and stream movies and TV shows online for free. They feature movies both from Bollywood and Hollywood.

18. Savefrom

Savefrom is not exactly a free movie download site. Rather, it’s a tool that can be used to download videos from online streaming apps.

For instance, if you found a video you need to download on YouTube or Vimeo, you can get that video’s link and then try to download it using Savefrom.

In short, Savefrom can help you save videos on YouTube and other streaming apps on your mobile or PC.

19. My Download Tube

My Download Tube is more like a link-gatherer than a movie website.

I included it in this list of the best websites to download free movies on mobile because it comes in handy sometimes.

My Download Tube does not host any movies or videos on their servers. Instead, they collect movie links from different websites and put it on their own site. You will then go from site to the other site to download your video.

20. Korean Film Archive

Considering the attention Korean movies are getting nowadays, it’d be bad to not include one Korean movie download site in our list of the best free movie download sites of 2021.

While you’ll definitely find Korean movies on many of the websites I’ve listed so far, the only type of movie you’ll get from this website are Korean movies. That makes the largest base of Korean movies on this list.

What Now?

Now that you have the list of 20 best free movie download sites for mobile and PC in 2021, you can start downloading movies as much as you want.

There are many people who don’t know where they can download movies from. I believe this article can help them. Please share this article on your social media to help those people.

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