Apple iPad Pro – It’s Expensive; But Its Worth The Cash.

Apple’s products have always been great and unique, the iPad Pro is no exception. The iPad Pro features an expansive 12.9-inch retina display, CPU performance almost as twice the iPad Air 2 CPU performance and a refined  multi-touch technology.


Although the iPad Pro is giant, beautiful and powerful, one of the set backs to it is the starting price tag at Rs.70,000. Well, that’s just the starting price, if you really want to enjoy this tab, you should go for the 128GB model instead and it costs Rs.9,900 more. And also to make typing faster and enjoyable, your best bet is to get the Apple Smart Keyboard which also goes for Rs.14,900. Artists, designers and the likes might also need to get the Apple Pencil, it goes for Rs.8,600. That means the final price is between Rs.84,900 and Rs.103,400 depending on the model you choose and the accessories you choose along with it. At that price tag, the iPad Pro costs a fortune and you can’t seriously compare or place it over the iPad Air 2, the last 10″ iPad released the 128GB variant goes for Rs.49,900.

But wait, if the iPad Pro could be almost as twice expensive as the iPad Air 2, then something must be there to gain from it aside from being almost the same size as the MacBook Pro which is one of the 13″ laptops from the Apple Company.
Most importantly, the size and  some very useful peripherals make the iPad Pro a game changer for real. The software tweaks and update help with multitasking and some other great  features you would really “fall-in-love” with.

Quick Look at the Spec

The iPad Pro features the highest resolution Retina display of any iOS device. According to Apple, The 12.9″ screen makes everything you do – editing 4k video, designing presentations, running a business – easier, faster an more engaging. And the multitouch subsystem has been re-engineered, expanding the ways you can interact with iPad.

This tablet runs a 2732×2048 pixel 12.9″ retina display, that’s a larger resolution than that of the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 (5558) – and  better display. It runs the 64Bit “desktop class”  A9X chip , which according to Apple delivers up to almost twice (1.8 times) the CPU performance of the iPad Air 2, but really, is that what you are buying with $749???

There is no change in the design as it retains the same elements and familiar buttons in all the expected locations.

The iPad Pro is rather heavy at 723g for the WiFi + Cellular model, and that’s also nearly twice the weight of the iPad Air 2 which is just 437g, but when compared to MacBook Air – which features similar specifications and weighs 1.34kg, the iPad Pro is an extremely light device.
See??, Apple has a knack for creating heavy products, compare the Apple iPhone 6s (143g) to Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge (132g) We really would do with lighter devices as we have other things to carry aside tablets and computers.

All the buttons and ports are in their  expected locations, the new thing is the smart connector on the left side of the tablet for connecting to – and powering – the smart keyboard.
The iPad Pro has an M9 motion coprocessor, and 4GB of RAM, I actually think that amount of ram is a bit small for this giant tab – although it will handle almost anything you throw at it. 
It feature an 8mp camera on the rear and a 1.2mp of the front for video calls. It also has a built-in 38.5watt-hour rechargeable battery.

Great Multitasking Features

The basics, from the homescreen to the longpress and gestures that we are familiar with are all present in the iPad Pro, but it has  a couple of multitasking features other iOS users might not be familiar with.
Split-view and Picture-in-Picture are supported in the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro.
The iPad Pro then has a very useful multitasking feature called slide-over. You can call this to action by just pulling the screen in from the left side and you get a small view of the last opened app. 
You can change the app by swiping in from the top of the screen. This is handy if you’re doing something on the side which doesn’t need to be Open always – like replying a tweet or something.

Nothing Sucks More than Limits

There is a limit to what you can do with the multitasking though. For example, you can’t open two different doc files in word at a time and can’t run one web browser twice.

Dumb Layout

The iPad Pro is a very huge tablet, the distance between apps on the homescreen and the keys on the default on-screen keyboard is just really annoying. To comfortably type on the pad, you need to set it down and work with both hands.


The iPad Pro performed really great as it handled almost everything we threw at it easily, from multitasking, to gaming, to image tweaking an editing, this tab is just almost perfect.
If you use the iPad Pro along with the smart keyboard – and you should – it is capable of replacing even your work laptop during the day, but you can’t use it bed, typing isn’t easy with the keyboard if placed on the lap (be it in bed or while sittng on a chair) and there’s the fear of the whole thing falling over.

Brilliant Speakers

Well, after all these features and everything, the very best thing about the iPad Pro is the four speaker setup that Apple has fitted into the device. Tablets and Laptops both tend to have terrible speakers, the iPad Pro is not exactly an exception but Apple has done a good job in getting them to work together – and they sound Amazing.
The iPad Pro has got the power to run any game you want and play your movies and music at the highest quality, or even watch a photoshop tutorial video while actually using photoshop (can’t be done with youtube app as at the time of this review, but could be done with certified 3rd party apps) and also reply a chat in-between.

Know This

The size of the iPad Pro won’t make it convenient for you to use the rear camera – using this huge tab for camera even makes no sense – but the front camera is great for video calls.

What Else

That’s what makes up the iPad Pro, although you might want to consider two accessories while considering the iPad Pro, and that’s the Apple Smart Keyboard and the Apple Pencil. 

The Keyboard

The keyboard is great while placed on a desk and it gives you an unforgettable experience. And while there are dozens of bluetooth keyboards out there and you can use the iMac keyboard as well,  none of them does the job like the Apple smart keyboard. And yeah, it’s not a laptop keyboard, so you shouldn’t be expecting some keys, e.g. the special keys designed for media use (adjusting volumes and skipping tracks) to be present on it. The arrow keys are also terribly tiny but they work great.

The Pencil

The pencil is the second  accessory to consider, and while it works wirelessly, there are some downsides to it, the 6″ pencil sticks out of the tab while charging, and if you are charging it in a crowded environment, the fear of the pencil being broken or even stolen will always be on your mind. 
Also, you can’t stow or attach the pencil to the tab and the cap has no clip, so you can’t stow it anywhere either, so you have to be extracareful not to lose it.
That being said, using the pencil is a worthwhile experience, there are many apps out there that you can run on the iPad so as to use the pencil – yea you use it to draw or write  directly on the screen.
You can use the pencil to make a sketch of your plan on your screen and that’s really great, the pencil is an handy tool if you are an artist or a designer.
And yes, while you need to charge the pencil, it has a great battery too, just a minute charge lasts as if it’s everlasting.


If it’s not for the extremely high final price, you probably should be picking up one of these right now. The 32GB model is less expensive at Rs.70,000, but you will run out of storage as soon as you Start using it fully, so if you can just try to extend your budget, the 128GB model goes for Rs.79,900.
If you will be using it in the office, getting the WiFi model will be great, if you are always on the go, it has a sim card slot, but if you go around with your mobile phone, then you might want to consider using the hotspot.
And although the smart keyboard adds to the price and weight as it costs Rs.14,900 and weighs over 300g, it is still lighter than the MacBook Air.
It can replace your iPad Air 2 and your MacBook Air, the prices of those two together will buy the iPad Pro and will still leave you some cash.

All Information Contained in This Article are as at the Time of Writing this Review. There might have been slight changes afterwards.

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