Showdown: Infinix Note 3 X601 vs Infinix Hot 4 X557. What’s the Difference?

This is an Infinix to Infinix challenge from recent releases in two of their  top series, so be ready for a tough and interesting combat. Both the Note 3 and the Hot 4 are 2017 releases from Infinix and most people are having problems in deciding which one to go for, Hot 4? Or Note 3? This showdown breaks both phones down, reveals their strength and weaknesses and tells you what’s best. Let’s Roll.

Round 1 – Display & Comms

Note 3 Rundown

    Infinix Note 3 has a 6.0” IPS LCD and capacitive touchscreen with 16m colours, 1080*1920 pixels resolution with 367 ppi density. Hmmn, that display is… Well, I’ll reserve my comment for now. It’s big and sharp that’s right but 367 ppi to 6.0” and that res? Lookup W5.
It sports WiFi 802.11, Hotspot, Bluetooth v4.0, A-GPS, MicroUSB v2.0, 2G, 3G and 4G network. Nice one, let’s see what the Hot 4 is made of.

Hot 4 Rundown

        Infinix Hot 4 has a 5.5”  IPS LCD, capacitive touchscreen with 16m colours, 720*1280 pixels resolution and 267 ppi density. Owwch, guess the hot 4 is not that “hot” after all, but then, its 267 ppi to 5.5” isn’t much different from Note 3’s 367 ppi to 6.0” so I’ll take that as a match.
It sports WiFi 802.11, Hotspot, Bluetooth v4.0, A-GPS, microUSB v2.0, 2G and 3G, it’s so unfortunate that the Hot 4 doesn’t have 4G LTE installed.

Winner – Vote

        There is a poll at the end of this article, cast your vote for the phone you love most.

Round 2 – Storage & Platform

Note 3 Rundown

        Infinix Note 3 is armed with 16GB internal memory, 2GB RAM, Sd Card slot (up to 127GB) and two mini sim slots.
It runs on Android v6.0 (marshmallow) on 1.3GHz Quad-core Cortex-A53 CPU, MediaTek MT6735 chipset and Mali-T720 GPU. That’s enough memory and professor for this “BIG FAT PHONE”, you’ll have no problem with storage and efficiency.

Hot 4 Rundown

        The specs here have so much in common, with some little but important exception, it’s got weaker processors. I really don’t need to elaborate much here, especially if you read our Hot 4 vs W5 showdown. ARM described Cortex-A53 CPU to be 2-3 times more efficient than the Cortex-A7 (Hot 4’s CPU) and MT6735 chipset being a 64-bit chipset while MT6580 (Hot 4’s chipset) is 32-bit. The GPU isn’t left behind as well, the Mali-T720 is new and improved, so you should expect better graphics rendition on the Note 3, especially if you are a video gamer. Asides these? The ROM, RAM and OS are the same.

Winner – Note 3

    I just have to spit it out for Note 3, honestly, with the specs above, I won’t even have a second or objective look at the Hot 4. Don’t forget though, that the poll is below and you can share your thoughts in the comments.

Round 3 – Battery, Camera & Media

Note 3 Rundown

        The Note 3 has a 4500 mAh non-removable Li-ion battery installed, that’s a lot of power supply to power this beast, it’s really worth it though.
It has a 13MP camera installed as the main camera and a 5MP camera installed as the selfie camera. Features include HDR, panorama, autofocus, geo-tagging and LED flash.
Media features are vibration, 3.5mm jack, photo shooting, video recording, FM radio, mp4/h.264/h.263/wmv player, image viewer and editor.

Hot 4 Rundown

        The Hot 4 has a 4000 mAh non-removable Li-ion battery installed, that’s also enough for its abilities and a dose of satisfaction for strong battery freaks.
It has an 8MP camera installed as the main camera and and a 5MP camera installed as the selfie camera. Features include Dual LED flash, HDR, panorama, autofocus and geotagging.
Media features are the same, there is no point repeating what’s been said.

Winner – Vote

    Don’t forget to cast your votes at the end of this article.

Round 4 – Price & User rating

Note 3 Rundown

    Looking up the Note 3 on konga, it goes for #62,899 and it goes for #55,900 on jumia, 4 star rating on jumia and 4 star rating on konga.

Hot 4 Rundown

        Looking up the Hot 4 on konga as well, ur goes for a measly #40,000, that’s a whopping #19,999 difference and on jumia? #40,250, still in the same price range. It has 4 star rating on jumia and 4 star rating on konga, so that’s great.

Winner – What do you think

        I can say it’s a ‘more price for more value’ case but #20,000+? That’s too wide.


        I throw it out to you, the audience, which one do you think wins this showdown? I let you decide. Cast your Vote below.

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P.S: If you’ve read some of my previous articles in this category, you might have noticed varied styles and formats in my writing. It’s not that I’m unstable, I’m only trying out different styles to figure out which one matches the requirement: getting my points across in a few words yet in a not-so-serious way. Bear with me and by the way, feel free to let me know the style (article) you love most.

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