Comparison: Itel P32 vs Itel A32. Which One is Better.

There are just so many Itel’s smartphones “running around the streets” right now that it’s becoming difficult to know which is which. Most Itel smartphones are from low budget to mid range devices. And with names like A32, S32 and P32, to mention a few, you tend to wonder what differentiates them from one another and eventually, which one is better. Now, that’s the reason behind this article.

After not writing any showdowns for a very long time, I’m resuming with a comparison between Itel p32 and a32. Just like old times, I’ll go deep into the major features but will just graze over the menial ones like audio and video extensions. Let’s get started

Itel p32 vs Itel a32: Design and Display


The major feature in the Itel p32’s design are the antennae lines which could be seen both at the top- and bottom-rear of the device – and that’s nothing but fake. Not actual antennas.
The fingerprint sensor is at its normal position – center-top. The control buttons are lined up on the right side, a style Itel has refused to drop so far. The dual rear camera and flashlights are on a vertical line up from the left towards right.
The speaker is shifted to the left-hand side from the rear view. Though it looks premium, the build is nothing but plastic and the removable cover comes in two different shades of blue and gold (for the 16GB ROM version) while the front remains black.


The Itel a32 on the other hand sports a metallic body with premium look and feel.
Although the antennae lines are still fake, the removable metal cover could come in gold, ash or blue and the edges are curved. The metal body allows for a firmer grip and it’s good.
The fingerprint sensor’s position remains and the camera lineup is also vertical. Although it’s a single lens and a single flash. The control buttons are on the right side as usual but the speaker isn’t at the rear.

That’s all about the design. Not much of a big deal. But things get rather interesting from here on out.

The Itel p32 remains one of the first Itel smartphones to sport the infinity display. You get a larger screen on a smaller body. It sports a 5.5″ IPS display with 18:9 aspect ratio and the resolution is pegged at 720p x 1440p.
While the display is clean and attractive, it comes with no protection whatsoever. But you can handle that.

The Itel a32 is a much smaller device with merely a 5″ WVGA display with the resolution pegged at 480p and also without protection. Now that’s awkward.

Itel p32 vs Itel a32: Platform and Battery

There’s little to no difference in both devices’ platform. They were both released in 2018 and so came with what their makers could afford to load them with. That is nothing beyond a MediaTek Quad-core CPU with a clockspeed of 1.3GHz.
Although confirmed for the p32, there’s a chance that the a32 would also pack the mali-400 GPU for graphics handling.
Both smartphones come with Android 8.1 GO edition. So you get Maps GO, Gmail GO and the likes. I like to call it Android 8.1 lite.

For storage, both the Itel p32 and the a32 come loaded with 1GB RAM each and 8GB ROM as well. They both have SdCard slots which support up to 32GB of expandable storage. Nothing more.

On the battery part though, the Itel a32 falls too short. While the battery is the major selling point for the p32, the battery is the downside for the a32.
Amazingly, the Itel p32 packs a whole lot of 4000mAh battery, the Itel a32 on the other hand comes with a measly 2050mAh battery. That’s almost half. A major point to note.

Itel p32 vs Itel a32: Camera and Media

One of the major features any smartphone cannot afford to lack is excellent camera setup. While the Itel p32 did just fine, the Itel a32 fell a bit below average.

The p32 comes with an awesome combo of dual 5MP rear camera with two bright flashlights vertically lined at the rear top-left side. The selfie camera is a single 5MP camera with a single soft flash.
The lenses are the type you would find on a device within its price range. The dual rear camera however, gave it an edge over many smartphones of its category.

The a32’s camera is a lot less impressive. But considering the price, you wouldn’t expect so much from it either. It sports a single 5MP lens as the main camera. Brings along a single flashlight. The selfie camera is a 2MP lens which Itel claims to have the capacity of taking stunning pictures. Brings along a soft flashlight as well.

There’s not so much to dwell on in the media part. Both devices come pre-installed with video player, audio player, photo viewer and editor, video recorder, sound recorder and also have the ability to load popular extensions like mp3, wma, mp4, JPEG, jpg, png and a few others.
You can download third-party apps like MX player or VLC player for wider media extensions support.

Itel p32 vs Itel a32: Price in Nigeria

If you’re familiar with Itel smartphones, then you would probably be aware of the fact that they’re never high on price. And that’s simply because they’re never high on specs. Neither of these phones cost as high as #30,000.

The Itel p32 ranges between #26,000 to #28,500. The actual price depends on your location and the seller. But it shouldn’t cost beyond that. The 16GB ROM version could also cost a bit more.

The Itel a32 is a lot cheaper with it’s price range falling between #18,000 to #22,000. With those specs, that’s the max price it could be sold for.


Obviously, these smartphones were made for different budgets and definitely different kinds of users. While I could manage the Itel p32 for its battery life and impressive display, I won’t even consider the Itel a32. It’s of no use for me because I’m a heavy user.
For the average user however, the Itel a32 would do just fine. And lest I forget, it could also fill in for the space of a “small phone”. A term we’re well familiar with in Nigeria.

You can buy any of these smartphones anywhere in Nigeria. But if you would like to buy from Jumia, check the latest prices from the links above and even get discounts.

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