The recently released Motorola one fusion plus is the better half of the One Fusion which was released earlier this month. Unlike its “little brother”, the One Fusion Plus was released in June. June 8 to be precise and it’s such a beauty. Beyond beauty, the Motorola One Fusion Plus […]

The Motorola One fusion is currently the latest device from Motorola and is the eighth device in the Motorola One (or MotorolaOne) series. Originally, the phones in this series used to feature Android one. However, there has been a rethink and some of these phones now feature the full Android […]

Nokia 6.1 plus review is the first article dedicated to a Nokia product on this blog. Not that we hate Nokia, we simply lost them in the crowd. Nokia is a company we’re very much familiar with in Nigeria. Back in the days, they ruled the global mobile phone market […]

Some people like to see Tecno and Infinix as word and opposite. When they see Tecno phones, they want to see Infinix phones as well. Hence, we can’t list the 10 latest Infinix phones in Nigeria and not list the 10 latest Tecno phones and price in Nigeria. So far, […]

MTN Nigeria is known to all as the most successful network provider in Nigeria. Though their “everywhere you go” tagline may appear to be something a bit too difficult to achieve, MTN is definitely trying their best to actually be everywhere. Not only are they trying to be everywhere, they’re […]

Tecno Camon 12 Pro and Camon 12 were released 10 months ago and 11 months ago respectively. That puts them in September and August 2019. These phones were (and still are) really good entry level smartphones and are succeeded by the Camon 15 devices which encompass 3 phones in total. […]

If you’re out to get a beautiful and averagely efficient smartphone, then this article is definitely for you. The Infinix S5 vs Tecno Camon 12 comparison is an article I’m very pleased to write because it’s one of those articles where the winner is clear and easily determined. Do not […]

The iPhone Xs Max vs Galaxy Note 9 comparison is one that is inspired by each brand’s fans desire for information about them. Apple and Samsung happen to be very popular names in the mobile and communication industry. In fact, while Samsung takes the lead by holding the largest share […]

This article contains the Oneplus 8 full specifications. In case you’re not familiar with OnePlus , they are a leading brand in the smartphone industry and by the look of things, they’re ready to take on big names like Samsung and iPhone. This beauty attests to that. The OnePlus 8 […]

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