Water Resistant Phones Under 50000 Naira 2021

It’s come to our attention that many Nigerians wish to buy water resistant phones. Hence they have been searching for cheap water resistant phones. If you’re looking for water resistant phones under 50000 Naira, then this page holds the right information for you. Read on to see the different water resistant phones that are available to Nigerians.

What is water resistance?

Water resistant phones under 50000
Water resistant phones under 50000

Water resistance is the ability of a gadget or accessory to withstand exposure to water without suffering major damage or any damage at all. If a gadget is said to have some level of water resistance, then it will still function perfectly even if it’s exposed to water.

It’s important to note that there are different water resistance ratings. A phone’s water resistance rating will determine the quantity of water it can withstand and how long it can spend in water. 

If a water resistant gadget gets dropped in a quantity of water that’s more than it’s resistance rating or it spends longer than the time in its resistance rating, then such a gadget may not survive it’s exploration into the aqua world.

Most times, water resistance can save your phone if it accidentally falls into liquid or if liquid gets splashed onto it. Liquids are generally notorious, and you should keep your gadgets away from them at all times.

Water Resistant Phones Under 50000 Naira

LG smartphone being soaked with water
Cheap water resistant phones. Img src

Unfortunately, there are no water resistant phones under 50000 Naira at this moment. 

Water resistance is a feature only found in premium high-end devices like Samsung and iPhone flagships. At the moment, every water resistant phone in existence are premium high-end devices that cost several hundreds of Naira. Meanwhile, N50,000 phones are merely entry-level smartphones.

If we’re to talk about certain other currencies like Indian rupees or Kenyan shillings, it MAY be possible to find water resistant phones under the 50000 Naira mark. But in Nigerian naira, there’s no water resistant phones under 50000 Naira.

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